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White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum)
Specimen Death Date: 2008-02-26
Country: Unknown, Captive
Asafo flag
Maker: Kweku Kakanu (1910-1982), Saltpond Workshop
Country: Ghana
Jelly fungus
Country: USA
Acquired on February 6, 2002
Quillwork panel
early 19th century
Maker: Belonged to Ek-wah-satch and grandfather, Anishinaabeg
Country: Canada
Hammond's Rice Rat (Mindomys hammondi) skull
Date Collected: 1996-03-04
Country: Ecuador
Man's szür (mantle)
c. 1900
Country: Romania
Striped hairy-nosed bat (Mimon crenulatum)
Date Collected: 2017-09-25
Country: Suriname
Length of figured silk
early 17th century
Country: Italy
Sculpture, probably of Cleopatra VII
c. 47-30 BC
Country: Egypt