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Unlooped low-flanged palstave
about 1600-1400 BC
Country: UK
Looped socketed axe
about 850-600 BC
Country: Ireland
Terret, harness component
about 900-700 BC
Country: Ireland
Socketed axe head
about 1600-1400 BC
Country: Hungary
Looped palstave, axe
about 1000-800 BC
Country: Netherlands
about 1400-1250 BC
Wine strainer with a snake at the end of the handle
Late 4th to early 3rd century BCE
Country: Italy
Knife with open handle
c. 800-700 BC
Country: Italy
Pyramidal loom weight
about 6th to 3rd century BC
Country: Egypt
Palstave, axe
about 1500-1000 BC
Country: UK
Axe with shallow flanges
about 2100-1700 BC
Winged Axe
about 1250-1050 BC
Country: France
Bucchero ware spoon
c. 600-500 BC
Country: Italy
Flanged axe, palstave
about 9th-8th century BC
Country: Italy
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