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Chain formed of small linked circular wire
about 600-400 BC
Country: Italy
Fragment of a clay lamp
6th century AD
Country: Egypt
about 1000-700 BC
Axe head
2nd millennium BC
Country: Switzerland
mid 4th millennium BC
Country: Hungary
Steelyard scale
c. 1000-1400 AD
Wing-flanged palstave, axe
c. 1250-1000 BC
Country: UK
Spoon with underside leaf motif
6th century CE or slightly later
about 900-600 BC
Country: Denmark
Strainer lid with handle of Chiusi ware
about 300-100 BC
Country: Italy
about 5th century BC
Country: Greece
about 600-400 BC
Country: Italy
Shaft-hole Axe
about 2000-1500 BC
Country: Russia
Spoon of ligula type
About 2nd century CE
Country: Egypt
Unlooped socketed palstave
6th to 5th century BC
Median-winged type axe
about 1250-1050 BCE