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Italian oil lamp
about 325-275 BC
Country: Italy
Cooking vessel with lid
about 1st - 2nd century AD
Country: Egypt
Two-handled cauldron with swing-handle and lid
about 1st century BC
Country: Egypt
4th century AD
Country: Syria
Comb with swallow-tail projections
about 1st century AD or earlier
Country: Egypt
Sextan (2 ounces) weight
5th - 6th century CE
Country: Egypt
"Plastic" vase in the form of Bes riding a horse
about 2nd-1st century BC
Country: Egypt
late 5th-6th century AD
Plain piriform unguentarium of purple glass
about 1 to 125 AD
Country: Egypt
Unguentarium, Karanis class IX
about 200-300 AD
Country: Egypt
Flask with handles and trailed decoration
about 400-525 CE
Country: Syria; Palestine; Lebanon
Small purple flask with two white handles
about 275-350 AD
Country: Syria
3rd century AD
Country: Syria
Tubular flask
about 300-400 AD
Country: Syria
Razor with thin oval blade
about 700-600 BC
Country: UK
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