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6th-5th century BC
Country: Italy
about 100-225 AD
Country: Syria
Unlooped low-flanged palstave
about 1600-1400 BC
Country: UK
Oil lamp
about 4th century AD
Country: Egypt
Purple “Sidonian” flask with green handle
about 50-100 AD
Country: Syria; Palestine; Lebanon
Small glass flask
about 1-200 AD
Country: Egypt
about 300 to 400 AD
Country: Egypt
Attic red-figure askos shaped as a lobster claw and showing a symposiast
about 470-460 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Class of Seven Lobster-Claws
Country: Greece
late 5th-6th century AD
Pale-green glass jar
about 200-300 AD
Country: Palestine
Fragment of a red-figure calyx-krater
about 400 BC
Country: Greece
about 1-100 AD
Country: Egypt
Jar with two pinched handles
about 300-400 AD
Country: Syria
Ribbed bowl
about 50-1 BC
Country: Syria
Flask with St. Menas
late 6th - 7th century CE
Country: Egypt
Bottom of a flask with pinched feet
about 175-230 AD
Country: Syria