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Penannular bracelet
about 500-400 BC
Socketed axe head
about 1600-1400 BC
Country: Hungary
Dimini ware bowl fragment
about 4600-3600 BC
Country: Greece
Sword blade
around 1500 BC?
Country: Ireland
Lentoid flask with two handles
about 350-425 AD
Country: Syria
North Italian colour-coated ware
about 40-80 AD
Country: Italy
Palstave (flanged axe)
about 1500-1300 BC
Etruscan red-figure stemmed dish decorated with the head of a woman
c. 330-290 BC
Maker: Genucilia Group Painter
Country: Italy
Attic black-figure amphora showing a duel between warriors (possibly Ajax and Achilles)
c. 525 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Antimenes Painter
Country: Greece
Large krater of Black-on-Red ware
about 650-600 BC
Country: Cyprus
Spatha with ankh-cross stamped on tang
c. 300-500 AD
Country: Egypt
Two handled double flask
about 300-400 AD
Country: Syria
Purple glass flagon with handle
about 275-325 AD
Country: Israel