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Unlooped low-flanged palstave
about 1600-1400 BC
Country: UK
mid 4th millennium BC
Country: Hungary
Socketed beaked type axe
about 1250-1000 BC
Country: Hungary
Finger-ring type key
Country: Romania
Situla with suspension chain
about 5th century BC
Country: Italy
Looped socketed axe
about 850-600 BC
Country: Ireland
Socketed axe head
about 1300-1000 BC
Country: Hungary
Flanged axe
about 1650-1500 BC
Country: Ireland
Winged Axe
about 1250-1050 BC
Country: France
Axe head
2nd millennium BC
Country: Switzerland
Axe with shallow flanges
about 2100-1700 BC
about 600-400 BC
Country: Italy
c. 1st century AD
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