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Morokoshi of the Echizen-ya, from the series new designs for fresh new things;   (Hinagata wakana no hatsu moyô)
1775 - 1779
Maker: Isoda Koryusai (act. mid 1760s - late 1780s)
Country: Japan
Man and woman in landscape
1785 - 1809
Maker: Eichosai Choki (active ca 1780s-1809))
Country: Japan
Two couples in a brothel
1769 - 1770
Country: Japan
Courtesan and client in brothel
Country: Japan
Parody of Narihira's Journey to the East
1785 - 1818
Maker: Rekisentei Eiri (active ca 1781-1818)
Country: Japan
Drum Bridge at Kameido.
ca. 1772 - 1774
Maker: Isoda Koryusai (act. Mid 1760s- late 1780s)
Country: Japan