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Cup with handles
c. 40-70 AD
Country: Italy
Merlon from a mosque or palace
10th century AD
Country: Iran
Oil lamp for multiple wicks
c. 1st to 4th century AD
Country: Syria
Eastern sigillata vessel with strainer and pointed spout
1st century BC-1st century AD
Country: Syria
Bifacial point on Levallois flake
c. 200,000-40,000 BP
Country: Palestine
Perfume sprinkler with donut body (neck repaired)
12th–13th century
Country: Syria
Tanged, barbed projectile point (arrowhead)
c. 30,000-9,000 BP
Country: Mauretania
Cooking pot with pierced lugs
12th-13th century AD
Country: Palestine
Oil lamp with seven wick-holes
c. 50-150 AD
Country: Israel
Balance for weighing coins
12th-13th century AD
Country: Egypt
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