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Slip-painted bowl (fragment)
1st century AD
Country: Jordan
Oil lamp
c. 900-975 AD
Country: Egypt
Vessel fragment (sherd)
c. 975-1175 AD
Country: Egypt
Bowl with ring foot
1200-1300 AD
Country: Egypt; Syria
Dish with sailing ship
c. 1600 AD
Country: Turkey
Bottle with tall tapered neck and high foot
13th-14th century AD
Country: Syria
Oil-lamp in the form of a dolphin with cross
5th century AD
Country: Palestine
Oil lamp with two wrestlers
c.150-250 AD
Country: Palestine
Bowl with Chinoiserie design
c. 1420-1450 AD
Country: Uzbekistan
Bowl with horse rider and birds
9th-10th century AD
Country: Iran
Dish with medallion design
c. 1570 AD
Country: Iran
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