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Female votive head
about 300-200 BC
Country: Italy
Bust of a woman
218-235 AD
Grave stele of Iostrate
c. 340-360 BC
Country: Greece
Portrait bust of Faustina the Elder
about 138-141 AD
Country: Italy
Mummy portrait of a child
about 200-250 AD
Country: Egypt
Head of a woman
117-138 AD
Head of young man, fragmentary statue
late 2nd to early 1st century BC
Mithraic relief
2nd century AD, possibly about 160 AD
Country: Italy
Female votive head
about 400-300 BC
Country: Italy
Bust of a man
c. 225-275 AD
Grave monument of M. Carienius Venustus
about 80-100 AD
Country: Italy
Floor mosaic with the Fountain of Life
c. 500-600 AD
Country: Syria
Head of a male youth
about 400 BC
Country: Italy