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Jug of Red Polished III ware with cut-away spout
about 2000-1900 BC
Country: Cyprus
Small-scale model of the statue of Athena Parthenos
1958-1962 (from a lost original of 438 BC)
Country: Greece
Hand of votive figure, holding a phiale (bowl)
about 480-310 BC
Country: Cyprus
Boat-shaped earring
about 600-500 BC
Country: Turkey
Female votive head
about 300-200 BC
Country: Italy
Bowl of angular profile
late 14th century AD
Country: Cyprus
Head from a fragmentary votive figure
about late 7th century BC
Country: Cyprus
Head from the fragmentary figure of an elderly man
about 2nd to 1st century BC
Country: Egypt
Bichrome III-IV ware amphora
750-700 BC
Country: Cyprus
Medallion with the head of Athena Parthenos
Late 5th to early 4th century BC
Country: Greece
Bracelet with ram heads
about 3rd century AD
Floor mosaic with the Fountain of Life
c. 500-600 AD
Country: Syria
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