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Lamp in the form of a dove
c. 400-600 CE
Country: Egypt
Ewart Park type sword
850-700 BC
Country: UK
Attic black-figure amphora with lid showing Dionysos and Ariadne in a chariot with gods
about 520-500 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Group of Würzburg 210, part of the Leagros Group
Country: Greece
Flanged axe, palstave
about 9th-8th century BC
Country: Italy
Wine strainer with a snake at the end of the handle
Late 4th to early 3rd century BCE
Country: Italy
Knife with open handle
c. 800-700 BC
Country: Italy
Attic black-figure amphora showing Herakles and gods of Olympos
about 520-510 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Euphiletos Painter
Country: Greece
Trozzella type vase
about 350-300 BC
Country: Italy
Squat black-glaze amphora
c. 100 BC
Country: Italy
Etruscan pseudo red-figure beaked oinochoe with a draped figure
about 325-300 BC
Maker: Attributed to the Phantom Group
Country: Italy
Eight plates of scale armour
3rd century AD
Country: Syria
Double flask with basket handle and two side handles
c. 300-600 AD
Country: Palestine; Israel; Syria
Attic black-figure cup with frieze of cocks and sirens
about 550-530 BC
Maker: Attributed to Hermogenes as potter
Country: Greece
Miniature oinochoe
6th or 5th century BC
Country: Greece; Italy
Male votive figure
about 400-300 BC
Country: Italy
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