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late 16th century
Country: Italy
Silver tankard with inscription
Maker: Unknown (maker's mark "W Y")
Country: Austria; Germany
Maker: Made by Vienna Porcelain Manufactory (Austrian, 1719-1864), during the Sorgenthal Period (1784-1805), painted by Anton Kothgasser (Austrian, 1769-1851)
Country: Austria
“Diana and the Stag”, automaton sculptural figure
c. 1600-1605
Maker: Matthias Walbaum (1554-1632, active in Augsburg 1579–1632)
Country: Germany
Swirl paperweight
Maker: Clichy (French, 1837-1885)
Country: France
Pedestal paperweight
Maker: Clichy (French, 1837-1885)
Country: France
Bronze Gilt Corpus of Christ
c. 1600-1700
Maker: unknown maker
Country: Italy; Germany
Wine cooler
c. 1800-1820
Maker: Wedgwood (English, established 1759)
Country: UK; England
Golden Jubilee Medal of Queen Victoria
Maker: Obverse modelled by Joseph Edgar Boehm (Austrian, 1834-1890, active in England), reverse after Lord Frederick Leighton (English, 1830–1896)
Country: UK; England
Maker: Charles Schneider (French, 1881-1953), Le Verre Français
Country: France
Small bowl
c. 1930
Maker: Designed and made by Charles Vyse (English, 1882-1971) and Nell Vyse (English, 1892-1967)
Country: UK; England
Paperweight, Red Fish
Maker: Paul Ysart (Spanish, 1904-1991, active in Scotland)
Country: UK; Scotland
Large Dish (piatto) depicting ‘A Banquet in a Piazza’ from “The Life of Julius Caesar”
About 1560-1562
Maker: Central design attributed to Taddeo Zuccaro (Italian, 1529-1566), grottesque border after designs by Jacques Androuet I Du Cerceau (1511-1584); made by the workshop of Orazio Fontana (Italian, 1510–1571)
Country: Italy
Circular bowl
1027-900 B.C
Maker: unknown maker
Country: China
Silver tumbler cover
Maker: Johann Erhard Heuglin II (1687-1757); master 1717
Country: Germany
Alms dish
Maker: unknown maker
Country: Spain
Figure of Bacchus, symbolizing autumn
c. 1755, 'Red Anchor' period (1752 - 1758)
Maker: Chelsea Porcelain Factory (English, active c. 1745-1784), modelling attributed to Joseph Willems (Flemish, 1715 - 1766, active at Chelsea c. 1748 - 1766)
Country: UK; England
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