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Plaque with harp-player
about 1900 BC
Country: Iraq
Coin (tetradrachm) of Seleucus I
300-280 BC
Country: Iran
Funerary figure of a man
c. 200 BC
Country: Yemen
Cylinder with commemorative text
c. 605-562 BC
Country: Iraq
Jug with beak spout
c. 700 BC
Country: Iran
Finial in the form of a lion's head
c. 800-600 BC
Country: Syria; Lebanon; Iraq
Spouted pot with handle
7th-6th century BC
Country: Iran
Halafian figure of a female
c. 6000-5300 BC
Country: Syria
Figure of female
c. 6100-5100 BC
Country: Syria; Iraq
Figurine of "Pedestal" type with two heads
c. 3000-2500 BC
Country: Syria
Lustre-ware bowl
Early 13th century AD
Country: Iran
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