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Sheath from dagger
c. 600-500 BC
Country: UK
Bow fibula
c. 100-25 BC
Larnax (coffin)
c. 1300-1200 BC
Country: Greece
Bead from a necklace
Late-15th century-mid-12th century BC
Country: Greece
c. second half of 3rd millennium BC
Country: France
Stirrup jar
early 12th century BC
Country: Cyprus
Mycenaean Stirrup jar
c. 1300 BC
Country: Greece
c. 25-150 AD
Country: Germany
Stylized female figure
about 1600-1300 BC
22nd cent.-16th cent. BCE
Country: Ireland
Looped socketed axe
about 750-600 BC
Country: UK
Spear head
11th-8th century BC
Country: UK
35th -30th century B.C.
about 550-480 BC
Pin with spiral head
about 1100-800 B. C.
Country: Slovakia
Cuff fastener
about 900-700 BC
Country: Ireland
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