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about 550-480 BC
"Kapsala" type female figure
about 2700-2600 BC
Country: Greece
Vessel fragment
c.2100-1550 BC
Country: Greece
Stater coin of Aulerci Cenomani
200-100 BC
Country: France
Sheath from dagger
c. 600-500 BC
Country: UK
Pin with spiral head
about 1100-800 B. C.
Country: Slovakia
Winged Axe
about 1250-1050 BC
Country: France
Matt-painted ware vessel fragment
c.1700-1500 BC
Country: Greece
Bead from a necklace
about 1425-1150 BC
Country: Greece
2000-1600 BC
Winged type chape
about 700-600 BCE
35th -30th century B.C.
Stater coin of the Vindelici
100-1 BC
Country: Germany
Single bladed 'shaft-hole' axe
about 900-800 BC
Country: Italy
Ridged bowl with three handles
22nd - 17th century BC
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