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Sword blade
1400-1250 BC
Unlooped low-flanged palstave
about 1600-1400 BC
Country: UK
Bead from a necklace
15th century-mid-12th century BC
Country: Greece
Necklace with 13 blue beads
c. 1425-1150 BC
Country: Greece
Tanged knife
about 1000-700 BC
Country: Switzerland
Dagger blade
1200-1000 BC
Country: UK
Larnax (coffin) lid
c. 1300-1250 BC
Country: Greece
Female figure
c. 5000-4000 BC
Pin with no head
c. 1400-1200 BC
about 1500-1300 BC
Country: Hungary
Elongate leaf-shaped sword
1000-800 BC
Country: France
mid 4th millennium BC
Country: Hungary
Socketed beaked type axe
about 1250-1000 BC
Country: Hungary
Leech-shaped fibula
about 700-650 BC
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