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Cup with handles
c. 40-70 AD
Country: Italy
Slip-painted eggshell-ware (fragment)
1st century AD
Country: Jordan
Vessel fragment (sherd)
about 1125-1200 AD
Country: Palestine
3rd century AD
Country: Syria
200-325 AD
Country: Cyprus
Hexagonal glass jug with impressed designs
about 300-500 AD
Country: Syria
about 100 AD
Country: Palestine
about 350-450 CE
Country: Syria
Two-handled flask with body-flange
about 275-350 AD
Country: Syria
“Sidonian” bottle in the shape of a head
about 200-300 AD
Country: Syria
One-handled jug
4th-5th century AD
Country: Syria
Lentoid flask with two dolphin shaped handles
about 300-425 AD
Country: Syria
Flask with handles and trailed decoration
about 400-525 CE
Country: Syria; Palestine; Lebanon
about 100-200 AD
Country: Syria
4th century AD
Undecorated cylindrical bottle
about 75-200 AD
Country: Syria
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