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Textile length, part of a robe à la française
c. 1735
Maker: In the style of Jean Revel (Lyonese silk designer, 1684 - 1751)
Country: France
Textile length
Country: Netherlands
Length of Bizarre Silk
c. 1708
Maker: In the style of James Leman (1688-1745)
Country: UK; England
Tapestry-covered armchair
Maker: Designed by Percyval Tudor-Hart (Canadian artist, 1873 - 1954), woven by Leo Belmonte
Country: France
Robe à la française hem fragment
Country: France
Textile width
Country: Turkey; Italy
Orphrey band fragment wih Annunciation
mid-15th century
Country: Italy
Textile fragment
15th century
Country: Italy
Length of dress fabric
c. 1735
Country: France
Furnishing textile: La liberté américaine
c. 1789
Maker: Jean Baptiste Huet (French painter, 1745 - 1811) for Oberkampf
Country: France
Fragment of the hood of a cope
second half of the 16th century
Country: Italy
Woodblock printed curtain with tropical fruit
Maker: From drawings by J. Oberkampf
Country: France
Quilt fragment
19th century
Country: UK; England; Ireland
Pomegranate velvet
late 15th century
Country: Italy
Fragment of figured silk
late 16th century
Country: Italy
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