Works of “Dave's Faves”

Works of “Dave's Faves”
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Adena point
400-100 BC
Country: Canada
"Big Snake, Blackfoot Chief from the Western Prairies," Peigan
Maker: Paul Kane (1810 Mallow, Ireland–1871 Toronto, Canada)
Country: Canada
Burial model of a pig sty and privy
2nd century AD
Country: China
Cat Fish Vase
c. 1980
Maker: Toan Klein (b. 1949)
Country: Canada
Cocijo effigy vessel
600-800 AD
Maker: Zapotec
Country: Mexico
“Diana and the Stag”, automaton sculptural figure
c. 1600-1605
Maker: Matthias Walbaum (1554-1632, active in Augsburg 1579–1632)
Country: Germany
Dire wolf skeleton
Received on exchange in 1937
Domestic dog, Bull dog
Acquired on July 13, 1936
Figure of Buddha Samantabhadra on an elephant
18th century AD
Country: Tibet (China)
1,400,000-200,000 BP
Country: Palestine
Man or woman’s kimono
late 19th century
Country: Japan
Mummified cat
c. 30 BC-642 AD
Country: Egypt
Nautilus shell cup
early 1600s; probably re-gilded c. 1900
Maker: Probably by Daniel Müller
Country: Germany
Painting of the Bhavacakra (Wheel of life)
20th century
Country: Tibet (China)
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