Human effigy jar or urn - ROM2004_1134_2


Human effigy jar or urn

Maker: Zapotec
Medium:Painted clay
Geography: Tlacolula, Oaxaca, Mexico
Date: 500-600 AD
Period: Peche
Ht: 17 cm Le: 10 cm Wi: 11.5 cm
Object number: 917.4.133
Not on view

In the Valley of Oaxaca during the mid-first millennium AD, people were buried in family crypts often surrounded by effigy jars that were placed next to the deceased or in nearby niches. This seated figure is likely an honoured ancestor, whose name is alluded to in the glyph displayed in the headdress.  He wears the mask of Cociyo, a god of fertility who created the world.  

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