Ngi Yong Lim and Eli Alice Lim (née Wilhelmsen) on their wedding day at London City Hall - FAR2018-006.1_1


Ngi Yong Lim and Eli Alice Lim (née Wilhelmsen) on their wedding day at London City Hall

Maker: Y.B. Ng
Medium:Gelatin silver print
Geography: London, England
Date: 1959
8.8 × 8.8 cm (3 7/16 × 3 7/16 in.)
Object number: 2018.35.1
Credit Line: Gift of Sandra Lim and Elizabeth Bolton Lim
Not on view

In this photograph, Eli Alice and Ngi Yong Lim stand in the doorway of a building on their wedding day. Some of Eli Alice’s friends from nursing school gather behind them. They were married at London City Hall. The photograph was taken by a close friend, who was an avid photographer. This image was once located on the first page of one of the Wilhelmsen/Lim family albums, with a photograph of the couple signing the marriage certificate and a snapshot of their first apartment in the west end of London. They rented spacious apartment on the second floor of a Victorian house located near Ngi Yong’s place of work and lived there with their first son, Robert.

This is a photograph from the Wilhelmsen/Lim family collection. Eli Alice Wilhelmsen is of Norwegian descent and was born in the small Arctic town of Gryellefjord, in Norway. She studied nursing at Ulevoll in Oslo, and later moved to London, England, where she worked as a nurse in Surrey. While in England, she and her friends frequented an international club, where they danced and socialized. She met her husband, Ngi Yong Lim, in London in 1958. He was born in Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia, studied architectural (now civil) engineering in the United States at Washington State University, briefly worked in Chicago, and moved to England at the encouragement of his close friend, Hoon Kun Lok. He was an avid photographer and swimmer, and like Eli Alice, he enjoyed social events. Ngi Yong and Eli Alice were married in 1959. For several years, the couple lived in London with their first-born son, Robert Geir Harald. In the early 1960s, Ngi Yong immigrated to Canada for an employment opportunity, followed shortly after by Eli Alice after the birth of their son, Timothy. Both of their sons were born in Norway during extended visits, so that Eli Alice could be close to family and benefit from the healthcare that her Norwegian citizenship allowed. While in Canada, the family lived in Niagara Falls where Ngi Yong worked for a prominent engineering firm H.G. Acres. There they had their first daughter, Sandra, before moving to Burlington. Their youngest daughter, Elizabeth, was born in Burlington. As a mixed-race family growing up in Canada, the daughters remember how both they and their brothers experienced racism in their earlier years. Their family photo collection includes an album of photographs from Ngi Yong’s high school days in Malaysia, an album of his time spent at Washington State University, an album of snapshots from Ngi Yong and Eli Alice’s life in London, and an album that documents their early days in Canada. Three photographs from this collection were donated to the ROM.

This object is part of The Family Camera Network public archive at the Royal Ontario Museum, which includes photographs and oral histories, among other objects from family photo collections.

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