Fossil ammonite (Placenticeras meeki) - ROM2004_982_10

Ammonite fossil, Placenticeras meeki (Boehm), collected 1936

Fossil ammonite (Placenticeras meeki)

Place Collected
North America, Canada, Alberta
Overall (metric): 20 H x 64 W x 80 L cm
Object number: ROMIP00371
Not on view
DescriptionAmmonites were shelled relatives of the present-day octopus, squid, and Chambered Nautilus. This Placenticeras specimen from Alberta once swam in the vast seaway that flooded the interior of North America during the time of the dinosaurs. Smaller shells of Placenticeras have been found with punctures that are interpreted to be the toothmarks of mosasaurs, huge swimming reptiles, which would have enjoyed the squid-like soft parts as a tasty snack. The beautiful iridescent fossil shells of Placenticeras are sometimes cut and made into jewellery.
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