Fossil nautiloid cephalopod (Treptoceras crebriseptum) - ROM2004_982_11

Nautiloid cephalopod fossils, Treptoceras crebriseptum (Hall), collected 1941

Fossil nautiloid cephalopod (Treptoceras crebriseptum)

Place Collected
North America, Canada, Ontario, Mississauga, Malton, Black Creek
Date: Verbatim Acquisition Date:1941
30 (H) × 19 (W) cm
Object number: ROMIP23337
Credit Line: Gift of N. Patterson
Not on view
DescriptionThis is a nautiloid cephalopod, a straight-shelled relative of the modern Pearly Nautilus or Chambered Nautilus. The squid-like animal inhabited the large open end of a tapered shell. The chambers provided buoyancy as well as added strength to the shell. Other modern cephalopod molluscs include squids (some of which have a small internal shell), the shell-less octopuses and the internally-shelled cuttlefish.
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