Convex-sided shallow bowl - ROM2018_16166_21


Convex-sided shallow bowl

Geography: Undetermined site, Egypt
Date: c. 3100-2686 BC
Period: 1st-2nd Dynasty, Early Dynastic Period
6.5 × 19.3 cm
Object number: 910.172.7
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt
DescriptionConvex-sided shallow bowl with incurving rounded rim.  The aperture or opening is 18.5 cm. Made from a greenish yellow stone with black veins, identified as serpentine.  Vessels of veined serpentine range  in date from the Predynastic Period through the New Kingdom.  This vessel has been carefully smoothed and polished inside and out. However, there is damage around the interior base. The interior circular base is clearly delineated by a groove. The flat circular base has a diameter of 5 cm inside and 5.5 cm out. The vessel has been broken into ten pieces and repaired with three small pieces restored.
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