Beaker - 910.26.13_1



Medium:Ceramic (black-topped redware)
Geography: Undetermined site, Upper Egypt
Date: c. 3500-3100 BC
Period: Naqada II (Gerzean) Period, Predynastic Period
10.15 x 8.6 cm
Object number: 910.26.13
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt
DescriptionThis black-topped red-slipped beaker is part of a typical Predynastic burial assemblage in order to provide sustenace for the deceased in the afterlife. It is an open form that may have been used to contain dry goods. It could also have been used by the deceased as a drinking vessel. The black tops of these vessels were produced when the jar was placed upside down in ashes to produce a reducing atmosphere in the kiln; so when the rest of the vessel oxidized and turned red, the black remained around the rim. The vessel was then hand polished to a beautiful shine.
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