Limestone model of an oven - ROM2018_16214_32


Limestone model of an oven

Medium:Limestone, painted
Geography: Excavated at Abydos, Egypt
Date: c. 2345-2181 BC
Period: 6th Dynasty, Old Kingdom
12.3 × 10.5 × 9.5 cm
Object number: 909.77.59
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt
DescriptionAfter W. M. Petrie’s excavations at the royal tombs of Abydos in 1900-1901, the Egypt Exploration Fund continued excavations at Abydos.  In 1908-1909 cemetery F was excavated by a team headed by W. L.S. Loat and E.R. Ayrton and the contents of one of the tombs, F109, has come to the Royal Ontario Museum. This tomb assemblage represents a typical middle class burial at the end of the Old Kingdom. Part of a tomb model depciting a cooking or baking scene, the red painted knobs represent bread moulds being heated prior to having dough placed in them for baking. Associated figures (not preserved here) could be shown fanning the flames or preparing the bread dough.
Object History: Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society, 1908-1909
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