Palette in double bird shape - 909.34.29_1


Palette in double bird shape

Geography: Undetermined site, Upper Egypt
Date: c. 3500-3000 BC
Period: Naqada II-III Period, Predynastic Period
8.41 x 10.98 cm
Object number: 909.34.29
Not on view

Double bird-shaped pendant, palette, or pectoral. The shape is reminiscent of  an anchor with bird head terminals. The left hand bird has a circular perforation indicating the eye; the bird head on the right has broken off.  The vertical shaft in centre has a perforation with a hole near the top with a notch on either side.  There are four circular depressions into which shell inlays would have been inserted on the front. The perforations suggest that the object could have been attached to something for display.It could have been for persoanl adornment, but could also have been suspended from the walls of a structure, such as the burial chamber.  The object is made of greywacke, a dark green-black stone, similar to slate, which is found in the Wadi Hammamat area of the eastern desert in Egypt. The green colour may have been connected with regeneration and fertility.

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