Relief with barge moored at quay - 966.81.18_1


Relief with barge moored at quay

Medium:Carved limestone
Geography: Excavated at Amarna, Egypt, from the Great Palace, Central Halls
Date: c. 1352-1327 BC
Period: Reign of Akhenaten, 18th Dynasty, Amarna Period, New Kingdom
22.2 x 39 x 8.5 cm
Object number: 966.81.18
Not on view
DescriptionLimestone block with part of a dockside scene. Hull of ship at upper left is decorated with a kneeling figure of a foreigner with upraised arm in front of offerings. Below is a stepped gangplank leading from the ship to the quay, indicated in the foreground by a series of vertical lines.  Two diagonal ropes lead from the boat to two mooring posts in the shape of bound prisoners facing right, with their arms tied behind them. The decoration of the barque and the mooring posts suggests that the barque of the king at Amarna is depicted. Prow of second ship (?) at right edge of block.  A large "R H" or "B H" is printed in black paint on the side of the block.
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