Beaker - ROM2019_17072_7



Medium:Ceramic (black-topped redware)
Geography: Undetermined site, Upper Egypt
Date: c. 4000-3500 BC
Period: Naqada I (Amratian) Period, Predynastic Period
13.34 x 9 cm
Object number: 900.2.117
Not on view
DescriptionRed slipped beaker of a type very popular in the Naqada I Period.  It has a blackened top that goes down 5.5 cm from the rim. The distinct contrast between the black top and the polished red body of the vessel is achieved by controlling the firing of the vessel. The top of the vessel may have been placed upside down in the ashes of the kiln to deliberately prevent oxidation.  The vessel is hand-made of Nile silt. The direct rim is 9 cm in diameter. The small flat base is 4.5 cm in diameter. The beaker is vertically and horizontally burnished well at the top, but the slip is wearing off near the base.
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