Coffin of Nefer - ROM2019_17297_3


Coffin of Nefer

Medium:Cedar, paint, ink.
Geography: Excavated at Beni Hasan, Egypt; lower cemetery, Tomb 81.
Date: c. 1991-1802 BC
Period: 12th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom
44.6 × 179 × 42 cm
Object number: 910.8.1
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt

This partial coffin from the Twelfth Dynasty was found by John Garstang at Beni Hasan, in Middle Egypt.  Its style is that of Harco Willems' IVB, which would suggest construction during the reign of Senwosret I or Amenemhet II.

This coffin was made for the Lady of the House, Nefer.  She was a member of the lower elite who was buried in a shaft tomb on the lower slopes of the cliff at Beni Hasan.

Unfortunately, both the lid and bottom of the coffin are missing. The remaining planks are of cedar, well-planed.  The decoration consists of neatly drawn rows of vertical and horizontal hieroglyphs, painted with a thick bluish-green paint, and lacking interior detail. The glyphs name the inhabit of the coffin as nbt pr Nfr.  No family members are named.  On the front of the coffin, Nefer is commended to Osiris, Lord of Busiris, the Geat God, Lord of Abydos. On the back, the invocation is to Anubis Who is on his Mountain, Aubis Who is in the wt, and Lord of the Sacred Land.  Imseti, Shu, Geb, and Duanmutef are invoked on the front, and the name Nephthys is on the head end, and Isis is at the foot.

The most striking aspect of the decoration is a well-painted False Door with well-drawn eyes for the deceased to look out of the coffin.

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