Relief fragment from smiting scene - 958.49.6.B_1


Relief fragment from smiting scene

Geography: Excavated from the funerary complex of Senwosret I at Lisht, Egypt
Date: c. 1985-1773 BC
Period: Reign of Senwosret I, 12th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom
Object number: 958.49.6.B
Not on view

Sunk relief fragment from a scene of Senwosret I smiting his foreign enemies. The use of sunk relief and the large scale of the piece suggest it originally decorated an exterior wall, probably in the great pillared courtyard in the King's mortuary temple to the east of his Pyramid tomb. 

This small fragment preserves the King's hand with its fingers grasping the end of a mace with which he was smiting the foreigners. All the fingernails are carved. The skin is painted brown.  Blue paint in the area of the King's wrist may represent an armband or bracelet. (S.B. Shubert)

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