Palette in rhomboidal (lozenge) shape - 909.34.2_1


Palette in rhomboidal (lozenge) shape

Geography: Excavated at Diospolis Parva (Hu), Egypt
Date: c. 4000-3200 BC
Period: Naqada I-II (Amratian-Gerzean) Period, Predynastic Period
23.65 x 9.04 cm
Object number: 909.34.2
Not on view

Greywacke palettes such as this are among the most commonly found personal possessions in Predynastic graves. They are found in the graves of both men and women, commonly near the face of the deceased. They were used to grind minerals into a fine powder for use as eye paint. Malachite, an ore of copper was most commonly used for mascara, while galena, an ore of lead,  was used to make kohl to outline the eye. Rhomboidal shaped palettes such as this one were typical of the Nagada I Period, 

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