Cup with impressed decoration - ROM2011_11750_15


Cup with impressed decoration

Medium:Ceramic (earthenware)
Geography: Excavated at Meroe, Sudan (ancient Nubia)
Date: c. 50-250 AD
Period: Early Meroitic Period
8.6 x 10.2 cm
Object number: 921.4.14
Credit Line: Gift of Sir Robert Mond (University of Liverpool Excavations Committee for the Garstang Excavations at Meroe, Sudan, 1909-1913)
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Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Nubia

This delicate fine-walled cup has been restored from a single sherd that was recovered by the John Garstang excavations at Meroe in 1909-1910. Although most of the profile is preserved, the base has been restored based on parallel examples. The cup is decorated with an impressed design with five rows of a stylized ankh-sign set in a u-shaped semicircle. The impressed panel decoration is framed above and below by thin horizontal black lines. This vessel is an example of the fine pottery industry developed at the site of Meroe in the Sudan north of Khartoum in the first centuries of the common era. (Rexine Hummel & S.B. Shubert)

Object History: Excavated by Dr. John Garstang, 1909-1910
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