gold - ROM2004_1037_1



Place Collected
North America, USA, California, Greenville
66.0999 Troy Ounces; 16.0 x 10.0 x 7.0 cm
Object number: ROMESM24261
Credit Line: Gift of McIntyre-Porcupine Mines Limited in 1961
On view
Gallery Location:Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth's Treasures
DescriptionThis extremely large gold nugget is one of the ROM’s most prized specimens. It weighs 2.06 kilograms and contains about 60 troy ounces of gold (the troy ounce is the traditional unit of weight for precious metals). The nugget was once a large piece of quartz vein rich in gold. It had been subjected to the pounding of pebbles and cobbles in rushing river waters, which powdered and washed away most of its brittle host quartz, leaving the gold, being malleable, to be pounded into this aesthetic shape. One can imagine the gold fever experienced by miners when nuggets of this size were found!
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