Shabti of User-hat - ROM2016_15161_23


Shabti of User-hat

Medium:Glazed composition (faience), inscribed
Geography: Probably from Abydos, Egypt
Date: c. 1295-1069 BC
Period: 19th-20th Dynasty, Ramesside Period, New Kingdom
13.4 x 4.5 cm
Object number: 948.34.58
Credit Line: Gift of Sir Robert Mond
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt
DescriptionShabtis were small human-form figurines placed in tombs to assist the deceased in the afterworld with corvée labour, as detailed in Spell 6 of The Book of the Dead. This mummiform shabti has a white glaze with details in black. He wears a tripartite wig with slightly modelled lappets. Facial features slightly modelled with black paint on eyes and mouth (which has a bit of a frown). The lower arms are horizontal and crossed at the wrists.  Both hands hold hoes and cords.  A seed basket is depicted on back beneath the wig.  It is surrounded by a yoke across the shoulders which holds a water pot on each side. The depiction of a water pot on a yoke places this shabti in the Ramesside Period.
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