Figure of Harpocrates - ROM2016_15146_31


Figure of Harpocrates

Medium:Bronze, solid cast
Geography: Egypt
Date: c. 664-332 BC
Period: 26th-30th Dynasty, Late Period
21.5 x 5.2 x 10.2 cm
Object number: 910.17.4
Not on view

This statue represents the child form of the god Horus, Her-pa-khered to the Ancient Egyptians. Children were conventionally depicted naked, with one side-lock of hair (originally present here), and a finger to the mouth, and so Horus-the-Child is shown in that way. Child gods represent hope and new beginnings, even the renewal of the cosmos. Young Horus, in addition, is the promise of justice as, despite challenges from his Uncle, the god Seth, he was able to inherit his father’s throne and become Egypt’s just and eternal king.

Horus-the-Child often wears a crown to show that he is already a powerful god and ruler despite his appearance as a helpless child. In this particular statuette he's wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt to show that he will inherit his father Osiri`s`position as King.

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