Bowl rim fragment - 906.16.70_1


Bowl rim fragment

Medium:Glazed composition (faience) decorated with black paint
Geography: Sinai, Egypt
Date: c. 1295-1069 BC
Period: 19th-20th Dynasty, Ramesside Period, New Kingdom
18 cm
4 × 0.8 × 7.62 cm
Object number: 906.16.70
Not on view
DescriptionRim fragment from simple bowl about 18 cm in diameter. It is made of a pale green glazed composition called faience in Egypt. Faience is a glazed non-clay ceramic material made from quartz sand and natron. The flat rim is 7 mm wide and decorated with a series of black ticks which are characteristic of such vessels in the Ramesside Period. The interior is decorated with hierolyphic text reading Hathor, mistress [of turquoise]. Most likely this bowl was a votive offering to Hathor at Serabeit el-Khadim.
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