Shabti of King Pinudjem I - ROM2016_15061_28


Shabti of King Pinudjem I

Medium:Glazed composition (faience)
Geography: From royal cache at Deir el-Bahri, Thebes (modern Luxor), Egypt
Date: c. 1069-1043 BC
Period: Reign of Pinudjem I, 21st Dynasty, 3rd Intermediate Period
9.6 x 3.6 cm
Object number: 910.23.76
Not on view
DescriptionThis shabti is from the royal cache (TT320) at Deir el-Bahri in Thebes, where mummies, coffins and other burial equipment of New Kingdom pharaohs had been moved for safekeeping. Pinudjem I was a High Priest of Amun at Thebes after the breakup of the New Kingdom.  He assumed the title of king, even though there was another king ruling in the north at Tanis. This small mummiform figure is made of bright blue faience. It is one of many figurines that were buried with the king to perform any corvée labour required in the Afterlife. It wears a tripartite wig with vertical striations and a small modelled ureaus on the forehead, indicating royal status. The facial features, eyes, nose and mouth are well modeled. The eyes are outlined in black paint. The arms are crossed over the chest with the right arm on top. The right hand holds the painted cord connecting to a small painted woven seed bag. The left hand holds a painted hoe. These implements were meant for agricultural labour in the Afterlife. There is a single framed column of text running from the arms to the feet on the front of the figure; it gives Pinudjem's name in a cartouche, again confirming his royal status. The area of the feet and ankles is missing and has been restored. (S.B. Shubert)
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