Mummy of Chantress of Amun, Nefer-mut - ROM2014_14132_1


Mummy of Chantress of Amun, Nefer-mut

Medium:Mummified human remains, linen
Geography: Excavated at the temple of Nebhepetre Montuhotep, Deir el-Bahri, Egypt
Date: c. 924-889 BC
Period: Reign of Osorkon I, 22nd Dynasty, 3rd Intermediate Period
157.5 x 38.1 x 25.4 cm
Object number: 910.5.2.3
Not on view
DescriptionThis young mother's body was found at Deir el Bahri in the reused tomb of an 11th Dynasty queen. She was buried in a good quality, though not high-end, yellow coffin, ROM 910.5.2.1. Since her CT-scan and study by Dr. Andrew Nelson of the University of Western Ontario, she has been the focus of much media interest and the center of several exhibitions, travelling as far as Nanjing China on one occasion. The name, Nefer-mut, and title of Chantress of Amun were identified on the coffin.
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