Jar fragment with petal decoration - 2010x2.12_1


Jar fragment with petal decoration

Medium:Ceramic (blue-painted earthenware)
Geography: Probably from Amarna, Egypt
Date: c. 1350-1085 BC
Period: Late 18th to 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom
12.5 x 10 x 1.2 x 25 cm
Object number: 2010X2.12
Not on view

Single body sherd from a blue-painted jar showing one register of petal decoration. This type of blue-painted decoration with red and black highlights is one of the most characteristic ceramic types of the late New Kingdom in Egypt. In origin the Egyptian blue-painted decoration probably imitates the practice of decorating vessels with garlands of flowers and vegetation on festive occasions. 

This sherd is made of Nile silt coated with a pink slip tempered with abundant medium sand inclusions, some chaff, voids, mica and limestone. Under a blue horizontal delineator band flanked by two black lines, the petal frieze consists of a row of large pendant blue petals bisected by a horizontal blue band flanked by black lines. The areas between the large petals are separated by the horizontal band into top and bottom spaces. The top spaces are filled by alternating red and black stamens/buds with blue dots above and below. The bottom spaces are filled by blue lotus buds outlined in black pointing downwards.

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