Statue of man offering an image of Osiris - ROM2018_16219_1


Statue of man offering an image of Osiris

Medium:Greywacke, carved and inscribed
Geography: Excavated at Abydos, Egypt
Date: c. 664-525 BC
Period: 26th (Saite) Dynasty, Late Period
31 x 17.8 x 12.5 cm
Object number: 905.2.105
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt

A fairly standard Late Period image of Osiris is almost all that is left of what was once a statue of a man kneeling to offer the divine image as a votive. The offrand's forearm and left hand, gently touching the left shoulder of Osiris can be clearly seen; the palm of his right hand rests on Osiris' right side. The offrand's bent left thigh remains, and with it part of an inscription.

Remains of an inscription, once carved on the backpillar is now so fragmentary to be unclear; the customary prayer for funerary offerings of bread and beer can be seen, but the name of the statue's owner is broken away. The glyphs remaining on the left side suggest that the statue was offered as part of one of the great festivals of Osiris at Abydos.

The image of Osiris is competently carved, with atef crown, and crook and flail in his hands. The expression on Osiris' face might suggest he is willing to play his part, but a little tired after centuries of ceremonies at Abydos.

Object History: Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society, 1902-1904
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