Canopic jar lid with jackal head (Duamutef) - ROM2016_15161_46


Canopic jar lid with jackal head (Duamutef)

Medium:Limestone, carved
Geography: Undetermined site, Egypt
Date: c. 664-332 BC
Period: 26th-30th Dynasty, Late Period
13 x 10 cm
Object number: 979X2.63.2
Not on view

As part of mummification, the internal organs were removed from the deceased and stored separately in canopic jars. The lids of the jars were often shaped as the heads of four deities, known as the Four Sons of Horus, whose job it was to protect the internal organs until they can be used again in the Afterlife. The jackal-headed Duamutef guarded the stomach and upper intestines.  The Late Period date of this canopic jar is indicated by the simple carving and the fact that it is a dummy jar made for show, rather than for actually containing the stomach of the deceased.

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