Coffin lid of Nakht - ROM2010_11604_2


Coffin lid of Nakht

Medium:Wood, gesso, paint
Geography: Excavated at Mentuhotep Temple, Deir el-Bahri, Egypt
Date: c. 1184-1153 BC
Period: Reign of Ramesses III, 20th Dynasty, New Kingdom
155.05 x 50.15 x 27.3 cm
Object number: 910.4.2
On view
Gallery Location:Samuel Hall - Currelly Gallery
DescriptionThis is one of a handful of Twentieth Dynasty coffins identified. Though much of the paint has worn off, the upper surface still retains two images of the deceased, Nakht. In one he is dressed as a priest, with shaven head; in the other he is dressed as a craftsman, in a fine white kilt. He makes offerings to Ra and to Osiris, the gods whom he hopes to join in the Afterlife. The Sons of Horus and the goddess Nut also feature on the lid of this coffin. Nakht's full name, Userkare-nakht, is written at least four times. The face is rather solemn. The ears are pierced. The coffin was badly damaged at the foot.
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