Coffin of Nakht - ROM2010_11604_26


Coffin of Nakht

Medium:Wood, stucco, paint
Geography: Excavated at Mentuhotep Temple, Deir el-Bahri, Egypt
Date: c. 1184-1153 BC
Period: Reign of Ramesses III, 20th Dynasty, New Kingdom
186 x 48.9 x 21 cm
Object number: 910.4.1
On view
Gallery Location:Samuel Hall - Currelly Gallery

This is one of a handful of Twentieth Dynasty coffins identified.  The name of the deceased should be read Userkare-nakht. The deceased's name is consistently spelled in this way on the coffin, where it appears in many places on lid (barely legible) and many on the bottom where it is very clear.

The paint is fairly well preserved on the sides of Nakht's coffin. The Sons of Horus and other gods assure him that they have come to protect him. Thoth stands guard on one shoulder, Anubis on the other. The figures are well drawn, coloured brightly with a varied palette, and the glyphs are clear and coherent. The deceased is named as "Userkare-nakht, Weaver of the Shrine."

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