Commemorative scarab of King Shabaka - ROM2004_1039_5


Commemorative scarab of King Shabaka

Geography: Undetermined site, Egypt or the Levant
Period: Reign of Shabaka, 25th Dynasty, 3rd Intermediate Period
Date: c. 716-702 BC
Medium: Steatite (talc-schist), carved and fired
9.25 x 6.65 cm
Object number: 910.28.1
On view
Current Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt
DescriptionIn 715 BC, Kushite (Nubian) forces established themselves as the 25th Dynasty rulers of Egypt. This finely carved commemorative scarab celebrates the victory of King Shabaka over Egyptian rebels, foreign peoples and "sand dwellers" (of the Levant) who, fighting among themselves, delivered each other up as prisoners. C.T. Currelly, founder of the Royal Ontario Museum, purchased this piece in 1910 in Jerusalem, but it was not until 1956 that its authenticity was firmly established.
Cataloguer: Gayle Gibson (ROM Staff 1990 - 2015, ROM Volunteer 2015-Present)
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