Conical bowl with weave pattern painting - ROM2004_1039_14


Conical bowl with weave pattern painting

Medium:Ceramic (earthenware), burnished eggshell ware
Geography: Undetermined site, Nubia
Date: c. 3500-3000 BC
Period: Nubian A Group
18.4 x 17.78 cm
Object number: 930.117
Not on view
DescriptionThe A-Group culture of Nubia dating to the late 4th millennium BC was named by Egyptologist George Reisner. Artistic expression of the A-Group culture was largely through their ceramics which were as fine or finer as any pottery produced in Egypt at the time.  This vessel with its cross-hatch decoration may imitate basketwork. This type of pottery is called eggshell ware because of its thin wall, 3-5 mm in thickness.  Two types are known, one decorated inside and out and the other type decorated only on the exterior with a black interior.  This vessel is of the second type with the black interior (Rexine Hummel & S.B. Shubert)
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