Shabti of Ankh-pef-hery - 994x2.16_1


Shabti of Ankh-pef-hery

Medium:Glazed composition (faience)
Geography: Probably from el-Hibeh, Egypt
Date: c. 380-343 BC
Period: 30th Dynasty, Late Period
11.7 x 3.2 x 2 cm
Object number: 994X2.16
Not on view

Shabtis are small human-form figurines placed in tombs to assist the deceased in the Afterworld with corvée labour. The shabtis of Ankh-pef-hery were excavated by Grenfell and Hunt of the Egypt Exploration Fund at the site of el-Hibeh in Middle Egypt in 1902-3 Other shabtis of Ankh-pef-hery are found in museums in Bolton, Cambridge, Manchester, and Oxford in England, as well as in Dublin, Ireland. They all have the tripartite wig, divine beard and stand on a plinth or base.

The six horizontal lines of text give the name and titles of the deceased and a passage from chapter 6 of the Book of the Dead.  They read: Illuminate the Osiris Ankh-pef-hery, born of (the Lady) Ter. He says: O this shabti, if one should count the Osiris Ankh-pef-hery in order to perform all works, (such as) ferrying sand from the west to the east and vice-versa. "Here I am" you shall say. This shabti is equipped for work in the Afterlife, holding a narrow hoe and cord in his right hand and an adze in his left hand. A long rectangular mesh bag with circular handle hangs over his left shoulder.

Object History: Probably excavated by Grenfell and Hunt (1902-3)
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