Model jar - 907.18.658_1


Model jar

Medium:Wood, carved and painted
Geography: Excavated at Deir el-Bahri, Egypt
Date: c. 2055-2004 BC
Period: Reign of Mentuhotep II, 11th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom
4 × 12.5 cm
Object number: 907.18.658
Not on view
DescriptionOne of a group of four model beer jars from the tomb of Montuhotep II at Deir el-Bahri. They may have come from a model of a brewery or supply ship, but more likely were carried in a basket of the head of a female offering bearer. Beer was the most common type of beverage in ancient Egypt and was a suitable offering for the deceased. Biconical in shape, the top of the jar painted black represents the mud seal placed over the vessel to contain the contents. The lower section is dark red in colour which represents the pottery fabric of the vessel which contained the beer. 
Object History: Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society, 1905-1907
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