Model jar - 907.18.690_1


Model jar

Medium:Wood, carved and painted
Geography: Excavated at Deir el-Bahri, Egypt
Date: c. 2055-2004 BC
Period: Reign of Mentuhotep II, 11th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom
5 × 3.5 cm
Object number: 907.18.690
Not on view
DescriptionPart of a wooden tomb model of a type popular in undecorated tombs during the First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom. The small jar has a rim diameter of 2.5 cm and an aperture of 1 cm. Since there is no other way to attach the jar to a scene, the hand of a carrier may have been placed in the opening. The vessel has a short neck and a drop-shaped body with a rounded base. Traces of white paint are visible on the body of the vessel. Most likely this was one of a pair of vessels joined by a yoke for carrying water in a model brewing scene.
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